Laser Tag Games

Every laser tag game starts with a briefing.  Your players will watch a youtube video explaining how the laser tag guns operate.  Additional explanation of rules will be given by the referee. Before the start of every game, a description and explanation of each game will be given to the players.

Free For ALL (FFA) Unlimited                           Duration: 5 min

        In this game, everyone plays for themselves.  Everyone will tag anyone to earn points.  The computer will keep track of points and at the end of each game, a winner and ranking will be on display.

Free For All (FFA) Elimination                              Duration: 5 min

       This game is the same as above except for limited lives.  The last man standing wins.

Team Deathmatch(TD) Unlimited                         Duration: 6 min

      Once everyone becomes more familiar with the laser tag equipment, we add a liitle more excitement by creating Red and Blue teams.  Team members can not tag each other.  At the end of the game , a team will win and the most valuable players will be on display.

Team Deathmatch(TD) Elimination                      Duration: 6 min

      This game is the same as Team Deathmatch above with the exception of limited lives.  THe team with the last man standing wins.

Domination                                              Duration: 8 min                                             

     The objective of this game is to occupy an area where the utility box is located by shooting at the utility box. Once a team shoots the box then it is owned by that team. The other team will attempt to take the utility box by shooting at it.  Whichever team owned the utility box the most wins the game.

Infection                                                  Duration: 8 min

    The game starts with one group is infected and the other group are the survivors. When the infected group shoots the survivor group, the survivor group player turns infected. When the survivor group player shoots the infected group, the infected group dies but respawns.  The last player left int eh survivor group is the winner.

Nerf Battle Arena

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